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Engineering Coursework

This is a collection of work from my time at the University of Pittsburgh.

Senior Design Project - 

Automation of Pipe Drift-Testing


Trevor Thompson
Eric Uzarski
Mohammed Elkhatib

Joseph Fortunato

This project was proposed by United States Steel Corporation in an attempt to robotize a quality inspection. We ended up proposing a system to automate their existing process.

Measurement of Acoustic Absorption in Complex Rooms

Joseph Fortunato

Gary Rethage

We designed a test fixture for measuring the acoustic fitness of a room.  This was an open ended project for a measurements course.  We were required to calculate the uncertainty associated with the measurement. 

Application of 3D Printing for Medical Implants


Mathieu Kippelen
Steven Turnshek
Joseph Fortunato

Andrew Seitz


This was our capstone project for a product realization course.  We worked with specialists in powder metallurgy to develop the application of bioresorbable scaffolds in regenerative medicine. The scaffold will be used to grow stem cells that replace hard tissue.  Over time the magnesium alloy corrodes and is absorbed in the bloodstream.

Mechanical Design Projects


Our second mechanical design course gave us a few opportunities for open ended designs.  Each project required us to analyze some machine element.

Bevel Gear Analysis

Design any system using bevel gears.

Shaft Analysis

Build a catapult to launch a quarter into a cup.

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