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Robotics and Automation

These are projects I worked on with the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society at the University of Pittsburgh.

Autonomous Amphibious Treasure Digging Robot

Two geared DC motors are attached to the drive wheels.  They are sealed in a plastic tube with epoxy.  Two computer fans are exposed to the water for propulsion.  The system is designed for an Arduino microcontroller, a club built H-bridge motor driver, and a rechargeable battery pack.


This was the objective of the competition:

1. Set sail and locate an island and land on it. The island can be detected with microphone that detects a noise from the island, sonar, lasers, whatever means necessary.
2. Locate treasure (on a new map) and dig it up!

Autonomous Sumo Robot


Here the goal was to push the other group's robot out of a circle.  Then it had to win a drag race. Our plan was to focus on the sumo wrestling part and skip the drag race.  My job was to join the curved sheet metal body. 

Autonomous Line Tracking Robot


Here we had to use light sensors to distinguish between black electrical tape and a linoleum floor.


These are projects I built outside of the robotics club.

Remote Controlled Electric Longboard


This was an attempt to make a universal longboard kit.  Since then a couple campaigns were launched with more competitive designs.  This is a great way to get to class.  The power was limited by the undersized controller.   


Radio Controlled Hovercraft

A simple craft built with components of a model airplane.   The body was carved from the lid of a foam cooler.


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