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These are projects in the works.

Hybrid Electric Kit for Automobiles


This project is a campaign to build a functional prototype.  The photo to the left shows a different drive mechanism than that which is planned for the kit.

Haptic Visualizer for the Blind

This project is similar to the system already patented in 2006 by Dong Wan Ryoo (US 20060109201 A1).  "A wearable apparatus for converting a vision signal into a haptic signal..."  I aim to improve the array resolution by changing the way tactile sensations are produced.​



The houseboat project is to showcase a new hull design.  This boat floats on a pocket of stagnant air.  It is uniquely insulated because of the minimal surface area for heat conduction. A pressurized hull requires less material to support the structure above it.



Photo by Frank Schulenburg

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